Merkur Games

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1717 Caribbean Pirates

All hands prepare to board! A gentle breeze is blowing around, the seagulls are screeching and the sun is burning. Yo [...]
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221 B Bakerstreet

In the 221 B Bakerstreet the duel about high wins between Sherlock and Moriarty takes place! Sherlock Holmes, the wel [...]
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Alduin & Celdor

The battle of the magicians begins! The curtains open and reveal the best magicians in the world: Alduin, the magicia [...]
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Alles Spitze

Have you ever dreamed of reaching the top? At "Alles Spitze" you can now climb the summit and let the Mercury Sun shine [...]
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The wild world in Amazonia – Welcome to the jungle! Shades of green, noises of scream and inhabitants in groups can b [...]
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Amu Tep

With "Amu Tep" you go on a journey through the majestic Egyptian culture. An adventure awaits you that you will never fo [...]
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Amulet of the Pharao

The Amulet of the Pharao von Merkur Gaming has mysterious powers… Whoever is going to release them, earns the Pharao‘s p [...]
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Ancient World Deluxe

Become the conqueror of the bubbling volcano! Dry, barren landscapes where dinosaurs and strange animals are at work: [...]
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Ankaa’s Dawn

A journey into the unknown lies ahead of you... Are you brave enough to discover a new world and face the dangers that t [...]
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Beauty of Atlantis

Dive right into the sea and discover the Mystery and Beauty of Atlantis! You do not have to swim far as the 5 reels a [...]
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Big Buck Bunny

Follow Big Buck Bunny over the freshly mowed green lawn! Do you sometimes dream about a wide landscape full of green [...]
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Black Hole

Protect your achievements from the black hole! Fill the cashpot towers in "Black Hole" by collecting equal symbols on fi [...]
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Black Magic

Do you master the magic to achieve great success? Circles, symbols and mysterious spells: Discover the power of "Blac [...]
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Blackmoore Wolf

Be careful, there is a monster out there in the dark! In "Blackmoore Wolf" you'll go on the hunt for a legendary creatur [...]
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Blazing Star

Delicious fruit and the blazing sun: The game Blazing Star unites these two elements, creating one big pleasure! Merk [...]
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Blazing Star Multi

Spacious gaming adventure within the universe guaranteed! Experience galactically good entertainment between flashing [...]
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Blooming Fortunes

Reach for the sacred lotus flowers in Blooming Fortunes! It is said that they only grow in a lake at a secret temple. [...]
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Book of Fire

How much magical power do you have inside you? In a hidden room full of ancient books and bubbling potions, you'll find [...]
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Good, better, Boombastic! Let the fireworks explode with Merkur Gaming! Not only at the end of the year is the right [...]
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Brilliant Sparkle

Let yourself be enchanted by the "Brilliant Sparkle" of diamonds and come into the possession of the most beautiful gems [...]